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Stinging Insects
Staten Island NY's ecosystem is favorable for Bees, Wasps and Hornets. Bees are divided into two categories based on their nesting behavior: social bees and solitary bees. Social Bees nest in colonies and defend their nest. Solitary bees build individual nests and are generally non-aggressive. Wasps and Hornets are aggressive all the time. The Most Common Wasps in Staten Island are the Yellow Jackets, Yellow Jacket Wasps are very aggressive stingers. Removing any kind of Stinging Insect Hive or Nest is very dangerous to do by yourself. If you have a Bee Hive, Wasps Nest or Hornet Nest on your property and would like it removed, Give Us A Call Today. We Specialize in Removing all Kinds of Stinging Insects.


Not only are Mosquitoes a nuisance but they are a public health problem as well. According to the New York City Health Department, the most common diseases spread by mosquitoes in Staten Island NY area are the West Nile and Zika viruses. At Dependable Exterminating we have Quarterly and Annual Mosquito Treatment Plans available to eliminate Mosquitoes from your property. Mosquito Pest Control consists of Treating the property prior to and during the peak mosquito time of year. This will ensure a nuisance free season. If you have Mosquitoes Give Our Staten Island Exterminator A Call Today.


The most common species of Squirrel throughout New York City is the "Gray Squirrel" and it's a nuisance all year round. Squirrels can cause an extensive amount of damage to a home or business. When the trees begin to contact the roof of a building, a squirrel can't help but to explore the new area. With very little effort, a squirrel can find a weak spot and start to compromise it by chewing a hole large enough for it to enter. If you have Squirrels on your Property, in your Home or Attic that you would like removed, Call Us Today. We humanely Trap Squirrels utilizing Havahart Traps and Relocate them.


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