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Roaches and Water Bugs
Perhaps no indoor pest is more reviled than the cockroach. Hardly evolving over the last several million years, cockroaches represent the worst of all insect infestation problems for most people. Our Professional cockroach exterminators are trained to identify what species of cockroach is causing the infestation.

Although there are over 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide, the four most common types that cohabitate with humans in the U.S. are the American Roach also known as the Water Bug or the Big Roach, the Brown-Banded Roach, the German Roach, and the Oriental Roach.

Roaches are household pests throughout New York City NY, Westchester County NY, Rockland County NY and Orange County NY. Although cockroaches are traditionally associated with dirty dwellings, they are being discovered even in the "best of homes."

Cockroaches feed on a variety of foods, with a preference for starchy and sugary material. Cockroaches will sip milk, soda or beer left out or left in unrinsed bottles, nibble on cheese, feed on meats, pastry, grain products, sugar, practically all the foods that we eat. They will also feed freely on book bindings, sizing, inner linings of shoe soles, and dead insects.

Cockroach Anatomy

American Cockroach
The American Cockroach is usually referred to as the Water Bug In New York City NY

Color: Reddish-Brown
Characteristics: Light colored edges to body; wings appear longer than the body
Size: 1 to 1 ½ inches

Lives: In warm, moist areas. A water bug infestation may often be found in basements, around sewers, and around other areas of moisture.

Females will lay eggs about 5/16" in size and will hatch about 60 days later. The nymphs will molt 13 times before becoming adults which takes about 300 to 600 days depending on conditions.

American Cockroach

German Cockroach (Most Common In New York City NY)

Color: Light Brown/Tan
Characteristics: Dark lengthwise stripes on the head
Length: ¼ to 5/8 inch maximum

Lives: In small cracks and crevices inside kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where moisture is present. When a roach infestation is very bad, they may be found throughout an entire home. They are highly adapted to changing environments and may produce up to three or four generations in a single year, making a roach infestation seem overwhelming in just one hatch cycle. German Cockroaches hide during the day in sheltered places. They come out to look for food at night, and if disturbed, run rapidly for shelter and disappear through openings to their hiding places.

German Cockroaches

Oriental Cockroach

Color: Dark/Red-brown to Oily Black
Characteristics: At first glance appears to be wingless
Length: ¼” to 1 inch

Lives: In dark, moist areas. Found near drains and sewers, pipes, wet basements, under porches, or inside crawl spaces.

The female will lay down about eight egg capsules in her lifetime, each containing about 16 eggs. Each egg capsule is approximately 3/8" in length and is deposited in hidden locations. When nymphs emerge, they will molt 10 times before reaching adulthood which takes about 500 days to complete.

Oriental Cockroach

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Color: Females are dark with dark red-brown wings, males are thinner and lighter in color.
Characteristics: Light yellow to brown bands that run across body
Length: Approximately 5/8”

Lives: Comfortable throughout the home environment but prefers to be above the floor level — you will find them behind wall art, moldings, curtains, etc.

The female will lay an average of thirteen egg capsules in her lifetime, each one about 1/4" in length with about 10 to 18 eggs. When the eggs hatch, nymphs will emerge and molt about seven times to reach the adult stage. This takes about 160 days. Our Waterbug Exterminator will identify the source of the infestation and treat accordingly.

Brown-Banded Cockroach
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