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Bed Bug Preparation to be Performed by Tenants:

Bed Bugs are difficult to deal with and require the combined efforts of the property owner and/or tenant, as well as qualified bed bug exterminators.

1) Launder clothes and linens on hot settings or by dry cleaning. Store in sealed clear plastic bags until the 2nd chemical treatment is completed.

2) Vacuum thoroughly, especially around mattress and box spring and along carpet edges. Discard vacuum bag out of the building in a sealed plastic bag when vacuuming is completed. This is a very important step in the bed bug removal process.

3) Remove, inspect, and clean all belongings from inside of tables, night stands, wardrobes and closets. Place items in sealed clear plastic bags until the 2nd chemical treatment is completed. Dismantle bed and other furniture if possible.

4) Remove all items from closets, including shoes and any other item on closet shelves. Follow the procedure above for laundering all clothing. No items should remain in the closet.

5) Discard mattresses and fabric furniture as recommended – especially if infestation is severe. All items that are going to be discarded must be rapped and sealed prior to removing them from the apartment. Heavy polyvinyl sheeting or shrink wrapped can be used to seal infested beds. No items should be stored in public or basement areas of the building. Prior arrangements should be made with building management to remove items directly from building. Infested items should be destroyed or clearly marked “BEDBUG INFESTED” to avoid other tenants from bringing items back into the building and infesting other areas.

6) Remove pictures from walls and eliminate clutter.

7) Move furniture away from the walls to allow access to cracks & crevices.

8) Birds, cats, dogs and humans must remain out of the home during treatment and for at least a minimum of 4 hours after the bed bug treatment is complete. Fish and reptile tanks must be covered or removed. Air filters and filtration systems for aquatic fish should be turned off during the bed bug treatment.

It is very important to complete the Bed Bug Preparation Steps so that our trained Bed Bug Exterminators can access all areas to eliminate your Bed Bug infestation.

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Bed Bug Mattress & Box Spring Covers

Purchase Certified Bed Bug Proof Mattress and Box Spring Covers. Existing Mattresses and Box Springs that are not going to be discarded should be encased with certified bed bug proof covers immediately after the initial service has been performed. Any new Mattresses and Box Springs should be encased with certified bed bug proof covers prior to entry into the apartment. Certified covers are available from Dependable Exterminating at an additional cost to the treatment and include installation by our technician at the end of the initial service.

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