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Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs can be hard to find. They are extremely small, so you may not notice you have a Bed Bug Infestation, but there are other ways to tell that they are around. If you have itchy skin and there’s no explanation for it, it may be because Bed Bugs have been feasting on you or your family members at night. Bed Bugs are notorious for taking up residence in your luggage or your purse. You carry them into your home without even knowing that they are there.

Bed Bug

Unlike Bed Bugs, ants are very easy to see because they travel in large colonies. They enter your home through cracks and crevices so that they can search for food. These ants are just nuisances, but other types are a little more dangerous, like carpenter ants. Carpenter Ants like to make nests inside wood, and they do this by digging tunnels. This activity has the negative effect of weakening the structure of your home.

Pavement Ants

Rodents are large enough for you to see, but it’s not easy for you to find their points of entry. Mice and Rats are capable of squeezing through cracks and crevices that are much smaller that they are, but they can also come in through the sewer lines. Rodents are known to carry diseases that are dangerous to humans. They can destroy extremely important things within your home. For example, these pests tend to hide inside the walls, and they have been known to cause considerable damage to the insulation.


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