We Specialize in Commercial and Residential Fly Control. Our Trained Fly Exterminator will identify the source of the Flies infestation and create a custom Fly Control Treatment Solution to eliminate your fly infestation. Let Us be your Fly Extermination Company that you can rely on, Call Us Today 1-844-305-8999.

Fly Control
We understand the importance of Fly Control in your restaurant and food handling establishment. Flies can cause serious health problems when they interact with your environment. Our NYS Certified Fly Exterminator will start with an inspection of your entire property to determine the source of your fly problems. After a thorough assessment, we develop a Fly Extermination plan tailored to your business based on our findings. Our Fly Exterminator will inspect potential entry points as well as areas that may be of concern if flies enter your restaurant.

Commercial Kitchen

Fly Lights
We can recommend a wide variety of "Restaurant Certified" Ultra Violet Fly Lights that can be placed throughout your business to trap flies before they have a chance to feed. Fly lights that are purchased from a local hardware store are not certified for use in food processing areas and can cause contamination of the food. Click here to view our Fly Lights Page.

Fly Light

Fly Infestation
Dependable Exterminating offers Commercial & Residential Fly Control. Our Trained Fly Exterminator will create a custom Fly Control Treatment Solution to eliminate fly infestations. We have a variety of treatment options that can be applied to treat a fly infestation. A customized fly control treatment plan consisting of residual insecticides and fly control baits will eliminate the immediate problem. Our long term fly control options will ensure that flies do not become a nuisance in the future.

Maxforce Fly Spot Bait Being Consumed By Flies

Good Sanitation
Dumpsters are the No. 1 source of fly problems around food facilities and a dirty Dumpster can become a fly haven. Blow flies will be attracted to rotting meat and fish. Drosophila flies will breed in fermenting fluids from rotting fruits and vegetables. You can’t control flies around Dumpsters with pesticides alone. In cooperation with regular trash pickup, containers should be washed and degreased as a regular maintenance of your dumpster. Our Trained Certified Fly Exterminator will identify unsanitary Dumpster conditions and come up with a Fly Extermination plan to correct the problem.

Flies Breeding In Garbage

Drain Flies
We will treat your drains using any combination of Steam, Bio Degradable Drain Gel, and Insect Growth Regulators to prevent flies form breeding in these areas. Our nontoxic formula uses naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to help break down even the toughest grease and grime. Our Floor & Drain Cleaner is extremely easy to apply and can be used as part of an existing sanitation program.
Sanitation is the key to any good fly control program. Our Fly Exterminator is trained to identify breeding areas for flies and they will correct any conditions that can cause a harmful infestation.

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