Our Certified Groundhog Trapping Technicians will ensure you have a groundhog free yard. Our Groundhog Removal Technicians will identify the source of your groundhog burrows, create a solution to eliminate your problem and work with you to design an exclusion plan to keep them from reentering your property. Here at Dependable Exterminating, we specialize in trapping groundhogs and other wildlife. Call us today to get a free quote 1-844-305-8999.

Groundhog Damage

Groundhogs are known to burrow under sheds, fences, pools and even along the foundation of homes and businesses. The undermining of the soil beneath these areas can lead to the collapse and destruction of a property. If a groundhog burrows along the foundation of a home or business, water will eventually enter the structure through the burrow seep causing water damage and mold.

Groundhog Burrows
The openings to their burrows are generally quite large and can cause injury to animals and people if accidentally stepped in.

Groundhog Damage
Groundhog Caught In Trap

Groundhog Trapping

Our certified Groundhog removal technicians will humanly trap and relocate any groundhogs that are not considered a hazard to public safety. All groundhog trapping will be conducted using Havahart Traps. Havahart Traps are a durable, safe and an effective way to capture an animal without harming it.

Our trapping services consist of an initial service, where our technicians will come out and strategically place and bait groundhogs traps. We will then return to check the traps everyday for three consecutive days. Any additional days with the traps after the fourth service will incur a service charge.

Groundhog Exclusion

After the groundhogs are trapped and removed from the property, our trained technicians can install a steel exclusion barrier to prevent further intrusion to your structure. All trapped groundhogs are humanely relocated into wooded areas 10 or more miles from your property to ensure they don't return.

Our certified Groundhog Trapping technicians here at Dependable Exterminating are experts at groundhog removal and eclusion.

Steel Exclusion Barrier

Dependable Exterminating Company has New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Certified Wildlife Nuisance Control Operators on staff to address your nuisance wildlife needs. All nuisance animals that are trapped are treated in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the NYS DEC. All animals that pose no threat to public safety are humanely released into their natural environment.

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