Silverfish typically feed on carbohydrates found in sugars and starch.  Silverfish will invade our closets and food storage areas. Our Trained Silverfish Exterminator will identify and come up with a treatment plan using a HEPA vacuum to eliminate the potential food sources and the application of an appropriately labeled insecticide, we will effectively eliminate the silverfish from your home or place of business.



Our Trained and NYS Certified Technicians will inspect your home, Our Silverfish Exterminator will identify the source of the Silverfish infestation & create a customized treatment plan to Eliminate Silverfish pests. We will utilize Pheromone Insect baits and insect traps designed for silverfish control to effectively eliminate silverfish from your home or place of business.

Silverfish Pest Control

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Silverfish are found in areas with high humidity.  They need a relative humidity of at least 75% to survive.  The most common areas where we see silver fish in our homes or place of business is in the kitchen, pantry restrooms and closets. Silverfish feed primarily on things that contain starches. They are attracted to glue, book bindings, paper, sugar and textiles. Silverfish can destroy silks, cotton and other fabrics and may feast upon leather in the event of a famine.

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