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Earwig Anatomy
Earwig Exterminator

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Earwig Pest Control

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Earwigs go through three stages of development or metamorphosis: egg, nymph, and adult. Nymph is the correct term for earwig larvae. An adult female earwig will generally produce two batches of round, creamy colored eggs every year. Each batch of earwig eggs consists of up to 80 eggs! One of the most fascinating earwig facts is that it takes anywhere from 20 to 70 days for an earwig to develop from an egg into an adult. The exact rate of development depends to a large extent on the temperature at the time. Of all earwig facts, the most endearing is that female earwigs show a maternal instinct, which is almost unheard of in the insect world. The mother earwig will stay with her eggs and nymphs for quite some time, fiercely protecting her offspring

Earwig Anatomy

Earwigs are long, flat, narrow and dark brown, black, tan, reddish or yellow in color. They can measure anywhere from half an inch to three inches long. Like all insects, they have six legs and a pair of antennas. Some species also have wings and are able to fly. Earwigs’ bodies are divided into three sections. At the end of their body, on the abdomen, they have a set of forceps or cerci that look like pincers or tweezers that they use to catch prey and for defense. You’ll understand what we mean if you try to pick up an earwig. Ouch! Male earwigs have curved forceps, while the forceps of female earwigs are straight. Another form of defense is the yellow-brown liquid that earwigs emit. Although this smells foul, it is actually harmless.


Earwigs tend to live in dark, moist environments. They can frequently be found in large numbers under logs, leaves, compost, lawn clippings and bark. Earwigs tend to hibernate during the winter months. They can burrow six feet underground to escape the cold. However, one of the more disconcerting earwig facts is that they often prefer the sheltered conditions offered by people’s homes at this colder time of year. They enter houses by crawling through cracks in walls, and tend to prefer rooms that are wet and damp, such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages and basements. You’re not the only one who wants to snuggle inside when it’s cold outside. Dependable Exterminating Earwig Treatment and Earwig Control. Our Trained Earwig Exterminator Technicians will solve your Earwig Infestation.

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