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Centipede Pest Control

Our Trained Technicians will Close off all entrance points. This will keep the bugs from entering your home in the first place. The millipede exterminator will Seal any cracks in concrete foundations, and caulk spaces around doors and windows. We will recommend if needed to have weather stripping applied to the outside of your house to discourage centipede or millipede intrusion.


centipede exterminator, millipede exterminator


A trained and NYS Certified Pest Control Professional will come to your home and identify the source of the infestation and design a customized treatment plan to eliminate the pest.  We offer chemical and non-chemical treatment methods to eliminate Centipedes. Our Technicianse will apply residual insecticides inside an outside your house, along cracks and crevices, entry points, and baseboards, to discourage centipedes activity.

Centipede Exterminator

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TreatmenDependable Exterminating offers chemical and non-chemical treatment methods to eliminate Centipedes and Millipedes from your home or business. Our centipede exterminator will Put down a barrier around your entire home. Whether it's chemical insecticide, natural insecticide.  Because centipedes originate outside and come inside. When they do, they'll travel into the insecticide barrier. If they happen to make it inside, they should be dead or near death by the time you find them.

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