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Bee and Wasp Removal

Hives are easily identified on the exterior of the home.  The timing of the treatment is important to ensure that all of bees or wasps are eliminated at the same time.

A typical mistake by home owners is applying a pesticide to the exterior of a wasp or bee hive.  This may kill a few wasps or bees, however, the majority will survive and subsequently become more aggressive in defending their home.

Types of Treatments​​

The type of treatment can vary from quick acting knockdown pesticide spray to long lasting residual insecticide dust.

The long lasting insecticide dust is applied into the openings that the bees and wasps used to enter their hive.  The insecticide dust penetrates deeper into the hive then an ordinary pesticide spray.  Additionally, the dust is transported deeper into the hive by other bees and wasps entering.

Bee, Wasp or Hornet Nests

It's not a good idea to attempt to remove a bee or wasp infestation by yourself. Nests and colonies of stinging insects may contain thousands of individual members. If you, your kids or your pets get too close, it's possible that the insects may react defensively, leading to painful stings. Allergic individuals can have life-threatening reactions to these stings, making it all the more important to call in a professional the moment you spot a gathering of bees or wasps too close to your home or business for comfort.

When Stinging Insects have invaded your home and you are in need of a bee exterminator or wasp exterminator , contact us at Dependable Exterminating. We'll give you a free quote and have your bee or wasp problem cleared up in no time.

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Our Expert Technicians will Locate the Source

Sometimes, the hive is hidden in wall voids found in the structure.  An inspection to the interior of the building is required in order to identify any potential openings that can be used by bees or wasps as an entry point.

Identifying Bees and Wasps

When Bees Wasps or Hornets build a nest in your home our Trained Stinging Insect Technicians are experts in Bee Wasp and Hornet nest removal. The type of bee, wasp or hornet that is identified will dictate the type of treatment that is applied.

There are several types of bees and wasps that may appear in your yard, and any of them can be cause for concern if you spot large groups, swarms or nests. Bees are generally small and bulbous with fuzzy bodies and dark legs. Wasps are longer and their bodies contain three distinct black segments with yellow bands or spots along with spindly legs and wings. Bees usually build hives while wasps construct nests. You may find these in trees, in the leaves on your roof or even inside walls. The closer the "home" of the insects, the higher the potential that they'll wind up where you don't want them.

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